Mushroom Flavored Oil 2.41floz (71.4ml)


When used for roasting, this luxurious oil retains the original aroma and taste of the mushrooms.
This wonderful oil carefully condenses the aroma and umami of Dutch mushrooms, domestic Shimeji mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms.
With these rich ingredients, you can enjoy a high-quality dish at home.

• Manufacturer: Ueshino Laboratory
• 2.41floz (71.4ml)
• Country of Origin: Japan

Menu & Applications
Recommended Recipes: Gratin, Bolognese

How to cook
Add a bit of Mushroom Oil to your pizza or pasta as a finishing touch, and the rich aroma of mushrooms will fill the room!

Background Story
Creating this mushroom oil demands a constant watch of the fire and heat that cooks it.
This challenging technique is used to draw out the great flavors from the four mushrooms.
We hope you enjoy the amazing craftsmanship put into this oil.
Edible Corn Oil, Shimeji Mushroom, Maitake Mushroom, Common Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, Garlic, Vitamin E(Derived From Soy)
Milk -
Eggs -
Fish -
Crustacean Shellfish -
Tree Nuts -
Peanuts -
Wheat -
Soybeans -
Food Allergy Disclaimer
Dietary Needs
Organic -
Non GMO -
Gluten Free -
No MSG added -
Kosher -
Sustainably Sourced -
Vegan -

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