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What's NEW

2021.05.12 (Wed)
New Items: 16 items added in Food Items.

2021.05.04 (Tue)
New Items: 17 items added in Food Items.

2021.05.03 (Mon)
SALE: May Sale -Support Overall Health-, fermented food related items up to 25% off Started! [Will end 5/31(Mon)]

2021.04.29 (Thu)
Delivery Area: We expanded new delivery area - South West Area (9 Zip Codes).

2021.04.20 (Tue)
New Items: Total 29 items added - Kitchen Items and Table Top Items

2021.04.01 (Thu)
SALE: April Sale Started! (Ended 5/2)

2021.03.26 (Fri)
New Items: 24 items added in Food Items.

2021.03.08 (Mon)
New Items: 15 items added in Food Items.

2021.03.01 (Mon)
SALE: March Sale Started! (Ended 3/31)

2021.02.28 (Fri)
Media: Japan Hollywood Network introduced us on their program. You can watch on YouTube.