Aburiyaki Saba Sushi 8cut, 11.3oz (320g)


This sushi is made of Norwegian mackerel, an oily fish, that has been soaked in liquid seasoning to create a fragrant and savory baked sushi.
Kanpyo, shiitake mushrooms, ginger—pickled in sweet and sour sauce, white sesame seeds, and chopped seaweed are mixed with vinegared rice to create a delicious and satisfying dish.
By applying heat to the oily mackerel, the fishy odor disappears, and the flavor increases while excess fat is removed, leaving a refreshing aftertaste!

• Manufacturer: Ishinoya
• Size: 8cut, 11.3oz (320g)
• Country of Origin: Japan

How to cook
Open a 1-2 small holes for air ventilation.
Microwave it. (500W - 3min 30sec, 600W - 3min, 800W 2min 10sec.)
Leave 10-20min to cool down after taking out from microwave.
Please do not thaw it in room temperature or refrigerator.
Thawing with room temperature or refrigerator would make the rice hard and would make it crumbled.

Product Requirements
This item is perishable, so you must put in the freezer or refrigerator immediately after receiving.
Seasoned Mackerel {Mackerel, Soy Sauce (Defatted Soybeans, Wheat, Salt, Sugar, Alcohol [Corn, Corn Syrup], Water), Rice Cooking Wine (Rice Cooking Wine [Sweet Rice, Malted Rice, Alcohol [Sugarcane, Corn, Rice, Cassava], Sweet Rice, Malted Rice, Distilled Alcohol [Sugarcane], Corn Starch, Potato Starch, Sweet Potato Starch, Water), Sugar, Water}, Rice, Sushi Vinegar (Rice Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Water), Seasoned Gourd Strip {Gourd Strip, Soysauce (Soybeans, Wheat, Salt, Glucose, Alcohol [Corn, Sugarcane]), Sugar}, Seasoned Shiitake Mushroom {Shiitake Mushroom, Soy Sauce (Soybeans, Wheat, Salt, Glucose, Alcohol [Sugarcane]), Sugar}, Sweetened Ginger {Ginger, Sushi Vinegar [Rice Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Water], Rice Vinegar, Water}, White Sesame, Roasted Seaweed, Rapeseed Oil.
Milk -
Eggs -
Fish YES
Crustacean Shellfish -
Tree Nuts -
Peanuts -
Wheat YES
Soybeans YES
Food Allergy Disclaimer
Dietary Needs
Organic -
Non GMO -
Gluten Free -
No MSG added YES
Kosher -
Sustainably Sourced -
Vegan -

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