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Calpico Soda 11.8floz (350ml) x 24 cans


  • This is a carbonated version of the classic Calpico drink. This sweet, tangy and refreshing soda is produced with proprietary lactobacillus, yeast and cultured milk. Calpico soda has been sold in Japan since 1973.

    • Manufacturer: Calpico
    • Carbonated water, sugar, non fat dry milk(teated with a lactic acid culture) natural and trifocal flavors, citric acid, lactic acid, soy fiber, sodium citrate, reb a(stevia extract)
    • 24 cans / case
    • 11.8floz (350ml) per one can
    • Country of Origin: Japan
    • CRV fee $1.20($0.05x24) is included

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