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Azuma Foods Masago Seasoned Capelin Roe 1.1 lbs (500g)


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  • “Masago,” Japanese for Capelin fish roe, is known for its vivid colors, fine grain, and light-crunchy texture. It is widely used on sushi rolls, pasta, and poke bowl as toppings and garnishes.

    Red (SKU: 71510) - With its universal dashi flavor, vivid red color, and infinite imagination, you can brighten up your dining experience with a more aesthetic color display and with an exciting texture by using our Masago Red.

    Jalapeno (SKU: 71537) - With our light green Jalapeno-puree-infused Masago and your creativity, you can excite the flavor profile of your favorite dish with a hint of Jalapeno, while adding another fun dimension to the texture and display.

    • Manufacturer: Azuma Foods
    • Ingredients: Please see Additional Information
    • 1.1lbs (500g)
    • Country: United States

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