Ginpo Donabe Pot Sumi Kannyu


Donabe means "clay pot" and is an essential piece of cookware in Japanese homes.
With a glazed interior and porous exterior, these casseroles are typically used for tabletop cooking on a portable gas stove.
During colder seasons, friends and family will gather around the donabe to enjoy a nabe (Japanese hotpt).
The nabe combines a variety of meat, seafood, vegetables, tofu and other ingredients in a broth. But they can also be used to cook rice or any one pot meal.

To protect your hot pot, seasoning is required before first use.
Seasoning seals the porous ceramic hot pot. You must follow one instruction below to season before using.
• Add 2 cups of water and 1 cup of cooked rice to your hot pot more or less in the same proportion, depending on the size of your pot.
Cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes, until the rice turns into a thick and creamy porridge, then allow the rice to cool to room temperature.
Remove the rice, wipe the inside clean.
• Fill your hot pot with the water from the first wash of Japanese rice which is very milky and cloudy water.
  Bring it to a boil, and cook over medium heat for 15 minutes.
  When the liquid cools to room temperature, discard the rice water, and wipe the inside clean.

1. Make sure that the exterior is completely dry before placing over fire.
2. Don't heat the pot when it is empty. Always have liquid in the pot.
3. Cool down the pot completely before running cold water over it.
4. It's best not to use detergent to wash the pot but if you do, use a minimal amount.
5. Don't leave the pot soaking in water for more than a couple of hours.

Do not touch a heated pot with your bare hands, use a towel or pot holders.

• Material : ceramic
• Dimensions:
  7.3" (18.5 cm) dia. x 3.9" (10 cm) H. - SKU: 90177
  8.7" (22 cm) dia. x 4.7" (12 cm) H. - SKU: 93104
  9.8" (25 cm) dia. x 5.3" (13.5 cm) H. - SKU: 90175
  11" (28 cm) dia. x 5.9" (15 cm) H. - SKU: 90174
  12.2" (31 cm) dia. 6.3" (16 cm) H. - SKU: 90173
• Capacity:
  20floz / 600ml (6-Go) - SKU: 90177
  40.6floz / 1200ml (7-Go) - SKU: 93104
  50.7floz / 1500ml (8-Go) - SKU: 90175
  74.4floz / 2200ml (9-Go) - SKU: 90174
  98floz / 2900ml (10-go) - SKU: 90173
• Made in Japan
Additional information
Weight 20floz (600ml) - SKU: 90177 - 2.1lbs (1.95kg)
40.6floz (1200ml) - SKU: 93104 - 3.3lbs (1.5kg)
50.7floz (1500ml) - SKU: 90175 - 4.2lbs (1.9kg)
74.4floz (2200ml) - SKU: 90174 - 5.2lbs (2.35kg)
98floz (2900ml) - SKU: 90173 - 6.9lbs (3.15kg)
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