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Kuromitsu Black Sugar Syrup 7.05oz (200g)


  • Kuromitsu is a Japanese syrup that uses Okinawan brown sugar and a mild honey. It is very fragrant, rich and has a full-bodied taste, unique to brown sugars. You can taste and feel the essence of Japan in this delicious syrup.

    • Manufacturer: Kato Bihouen Honpo
    • Size: 7.05oz (200g)
    • Ingredients: Oligosaccharide, Glucose, Fructose, Honey, Muscovado & Fructose.

    Menu & Applications
    You can enjoy Kuromitsu with breads, hotcakes, parfaits, and ice cream. It also pairs well with anmitsu, mitsumame, kuzu mochi, warabi mochi, tokototen, agar, shiratama mochi, shaved ice, and other Japanese sweets, etc.

    How to cook
    Pair it with your favorite dish and enjoy!

    Background Story
    Brown sugar is a specialty of Okinawa. When honesy was added, a unique product, found no where else, was created!

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