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Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Extra Wide Peeler with Eye Corer Black EWP-18BK


This super-efficient, 45 degree angled peeler has a wide, large ceramic blade for heavy duty peeling tasks. The non-corrosive, one-sided blade is made from an advanced ceramic close in hardness to diamond that stays ultra-sharp 10X longer than steel blades. The ceramic blade will not alter the taste or smell of food, offering pure and healthy results. Great for peeling thick rinds such as jicama, root vegetables, papaya and melons. Excellent for shredding cabbage and shaving hard cheeses and chocolate.

• Material: Ceramic blade
• Dimensions: 7"(17.8cm) Length x 4.25" (10.8cm) W x 1.2" (3cm) H
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Weight 0.09lbs (0.04kg)

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