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Mamenorisan Soybean Paper 20 Sheets


  • Mamenorisan is a soybean sheet made from 100% pure non-GMO soy protein. Similar in size and shape to a sheet of seaweed nori, Mamenorisan is even more versatile. It's perfect to make rolled sushi for those who dislike the flavor of seaweed. And for chefs exploring new flavor and cooking applications, creativity is endless with Mamenorisan, especially with the whimsical color variations. Mamenorisan is highly adaptable, and can be rolled, wrapped, or folded like origami. It comes in a variety of colors and flavors, making it ideal for decorative presentations.

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    • Manufacturer: J Oil Mills
    • Ingredients: Please check Additional Information for each ingredients
    • 20 Sheets in one pack
    • Varieties
     Goma (Sesame) - SKU: 64095
     Green - SKU: 64202
     Shiso (Purple Perilla Leaves) - SKU: 64192
     Yellow (Turmeric/Paprika) - SKU: 64092
     Shichimi (Assorted Chilli Pepper) - SKU: 64032
     Orange (Paprika) - SKU: 64094
     Aonori (Dried Green Seaweed) - SKU: 64191
     Pink - SKU: 64093
    • Sheet size: 7" (18cm) W x 7.87" (20cm) H
    • Country of Origin: Japan

    Mamenorisan 5 Features
    1. Whereas foods made from soybean powder have a characteristically unpleasant odor, J-Oil uses whole soybeans, resulting in a sweet-smelling product.
    2. Mamenorisan dissolves gently when eaten, unlike many other soybean sheets that feel stiff and paper-like on the palate.
    3. Mamenorisan is very thin (2.2-2.3mm), making it easy to hand roll. However, it is not so delicate that it breaks apart.
    4. The main ingredient is separated soy protein. Each sheet Mamenorisan contains more than 90% protein.
    5. Separated soy protein's fat content is less than 0.1%, while soy powder contains two to three times this amount.

    How to Use Mamenorisan
    In addition to hand-rolled sushi, Mamenorisan can be used for frying, baking, or steaming.

    How to store Mamenorisan
    Mamenorisan is susceptible to humidity; once opened it must be sealed tightly as soon as possible. If using small amounts at a time, a desiccant is highly recommended to preserve quality. Always store at room temperature between 50°F~85°F. Do not refrigerate.

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