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Matsuri Koshihikari Short Grain White Rice


  • MATSURI golden Koshihikari super premium short grain rice is simply the best short grain rice grown in America. In Japan, Koshihikari is the ultimate rice and we’ve taken those prized Japanese seeds and planted them in the fertile soils of the Sacramento basin. This rice is the closest to the Japanese Koshihikari harvested in the famous Minami Uonuma region in Niigata prefecture. It is white and light cream in color with subtle sheen, sweetness, and silky smooth texture. Properly cooked, it has a springy texture at the core not unlike fresh pasta.

    • Manufacturer: Miyako
    • Ingredients: Koshihikari short grain white rice
    • Weight:
     4.4lbs (2kg) - SKU: 20432
     15lbs (6.8kg) - SKU: 20423
    • Country of Origin: United States, California

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