Nenox Jigged Bone Gyuto Red


The gyuto is the Japanese version of the classic Western chef's knife but the blade is thinner and holds a sharper edge.
Use it for chopping, mincing and slicing meat, fish, vegetables and fruit.

Nenohi blades offer the durability and sharpness of a traditional Japanese carbon-steel knife, but are rust resistant and easier to maintain.
Nenox knives have a hamaguriba (clam shaped blade) from the edge all the way to the spine.
Since it has no flat surface, there is minimal friction against the food you're cutting, resulting in less cell damage and a smoother cut.
To achieve this shape, they sharpen and polish the edge, mid-section and spine of the blade separately by hand.
After much trial and error, they found that an HRC of 61 is the optimum hardness for Nenohi knives to possess the right balance of superior cutting edge, ductility, and edge retention.

This knife is made honyaki style, with one piece of high carbon steel, and with a 55/45 edge, it can easily be sharpened to suit your preference, whether you are right or left handed.

The blade is the same as the SD series and is top of the Nenohi line. It has an even more ductile blade than the G-type series, meaning that it is even more durable.

High carbon steel knives can still rust if not maintained properly. Use Tsukiji Masamoto Rust Remover (SKU: 94179) or Sabitohru Rust Removers to clean oxidized blades.

• Brand: Nenohi
• Style: Gyuto
• Length:
  210mm (8.2") - SKU: 1997
  240mm (9.4") - SKU: 98626
  270mm (10.6") - SKU: 5098
• Blade Steel Type: High Carbon Rust-Resistant Steel
• Handle material: Hand Dyed Jigged Bone
• HRC: 61
• Bevel Angle Ratio: 55/45**
• Cover: Comes with a Nenox original wooden saya
*Please be advised that each product varies in appearance because the Jigged Bone used for the handle is all natural and hand dyed. The knife you receive will be unique and slightly different from the image.
**According to Nenohi Cutlery, even though the bevel angle is 55:45 it can still be used by lefties. However, you can easily sharpen it to 45:55 for optimum use.
Additional information
Weight 210 mm (8.2") - SKU: 1997 - 9oz (255.1g)
240 mm (9.4") - SKU: 98626 - 10.08 (285.8g)
270 mm (10.6") - SKU: 5098 - 12oz (340.2g)
Prop 65 Warnings
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel and chromium, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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