Plastic Sushi Mold for Nigiri Sushi (For 5pcs Sushi)


Use this commercial heavy duty sushi mold to make battera sushi.
Place the ingredients on the bottom lid, press with the rice and turn over.
Then slice into desired size. Press gently to prevent crushing the rice.
The sushi can also be presented whole so guests can slice their own pieces.
These presses are individually handmade, and each lid must be paired with the original mold.
This product does not include instructions in English.

- Do not expose to temperatures higher than 172°F/80°C or lower than -22°F/-30°C
- Do not keep in warm water (86°F/30°C or more) for longer than 15 minutes as it may lose its shape.
- Use bleach to remove any stains. The smell will naturally disappear after 2-3 hours.

• Material: Polypropylene
• Dimensions: 6.22" (15.8cm)H x 2.36" (6cm) D
• Makes 5 pieces of sushi : 2.375" (6cm) W x 1.25" (3.18cm) D x 1" (2.54cm) H
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Weight 0.1lbs (0.05kg)

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