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Powdered Sansho Japanese Pepper 2.29oz (65g)


  • This product is made by mixing large pieces of Sansho Japanese Peppers from different regions, mainly Wakayama, Kochi, Nara, and Kagoshima. Because the ingredient from each region has its own characteristics, this blended Sansho Pepper has a very strong citrus aroma and a unique numbing sensation on your tongue. Sansho Pepper is one of Japan's key spices used at high-end Unagi restaurants and famous Soba restaurants from Edo period. In the modern era, Sansho is also attracting attention as a substitute for salt due to its low sodium content, and as a spice to make spicy cholocate.

    • Manufacturer: Mukai Chinmido
    • Ingredients: Japanese Pepper
    • 26.5oz (750g)

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