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Rausu Konbu Mimi Edge 1.1lb (500g)


  • Rausu Kombu is a high-end kelp known for its rich umami and aroma. It contains the most amount of glutamic acid (the umami) among Japanese kombu. Normally, only the center of the kombu gets sold in the market, but this product consists of the edges that got cut-off. The color and shape may not be as good, but the flavor and aroma remain the same. The dashi stock may get cloudy, but the aroma is very rich, and you can extract a strong dashi. This kombu is soft so you can eat after soaking in water. Kombu is a macrobiotic food and is gluten-free, so it is highly recommended for vegetarians.

    • Manufacturer: Tokon
    • Ingredients: Kelp
    • 1.1lbs (500g)

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