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Rishiri Dashi Konbu 2.2lbs (1kg)


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  • A high-end kombu loved by chefs of Japanese cuisine. Compared to other kombu, it has a harder texture but also a very clear flavor and elegant aroma. Therefore, this kombu is popular for Kaiseki style where the flavor and aroma of the ingredients are very important. Widely used for Kyoto style cuisine such as hot tofu and thin-sliced pickled radish. Also, after making the dashi, you can include it in dishes such as tsukudani or stew. Kombu is a macrobiotic food and gluten-free, so recommended for a vegetarian.

    • Manufacturer: Tokon
    • Ingredients: Kelp
    • 2.2lbs (1kg)

    Product Requirements
    This item is perishable, so you must put in the freezer or refrigerator immediately after receiving.

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