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Sato Kirimochi Rice Cake 14.1oz (400g)


  • We produce chewy mochi by using our original “Kinetsuki” method (pounding mochi with mallets). Additionally, the Nagamochi Film packaging keeps it fresh and extends its shelf life.

    • Manufacturer: Satou Shokuhin
    • 14.1oz (400g)
    • Ingredients: Sweet Rice

    Menu & Applications
    It can be used in various dishes like isobeyaki, oso-ni, mochi pizza, and mushroom mochi.

    How to cook
    Oven Taster: Bake until the surface of the rice cake begins to brown (3-4  minutes for 1000 W).  
    Do not open the oven toaster door when it is finished. Instead, turn off the switch and leave for about 2 minutes. It is finished when the inside of the rice cake swells. Baking may vary depending on the type of toaster oven. Please adjust the baking time accordingly.

    Please call us (213)-626-9458 (press 3) or use the contact form if you have any questions.