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Shizuoka Premium Tea Bag - 50bags, 7.05oz (200g)


  • Matcha is blended with a premium tea produced in the mountains of Shizuoka Prefecture, an area famous for their tea production.
    This product comes as a tea bag that promotes the simple and delicious taste of Shizuoka Premium tea. This tea is characterized by its vibrant green color and unique umami flavor.

    • Manufacturer: JA Shizuoka
    • 50bags in 1package, 7.05oz (200g)
    • Ingredients: Green Tea

    Menu & Applications
    ◇ ICED Place 2 teabags in a container about 750 ml in size (like a filtered bottle), then pour water into it. After pouring water, stir then squeeze the tea bags with a pair of tongs. When the water becomes bright green, your drink is ready! Use ice for an even more delicious drink!
    ◇ HOT Place 1 teabag in a teapot that is about 300 ml in size then pour in hot water. Lightly swish the teapot before pouring contents into a teacup. Your tea is now ready to drink! And because there is no need to remix the tea, you can enjoy three times the flavor.

    Background Story
    In addition to being able to provide a tea that works in both cold and hot water, has a short brewing time, and delicious; everything from the type of water, its bright green color to the shelf life was carefully devised for your enjoyment.

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