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Smoked Onion Oil 34floz (1L)


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  • This product imparts the deliciousness of onions charred in rice oil. You can add the sweet and smoked flavors of this onion oil by adding a bit to any dish.

    • Manufacturer: Shin Marusho
    • Size: 34floz (1Litter)
    • Country of Origin: Japan
    • Ingredients: Edible Rice Bran Oil, Onion, Vitamin E

    Menu & Applications
    Use on pizza, salad, ramen or as a stir-fry base oil!

    Background Story
    The goal of this product was to create an oil with the aroma of fried onions and the sweetness of raw onions. By smoking the onions before oil extraction, this product took on a unique and flavorful fragrance.

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