Sukenari Kasumi Blue #2 Usuba Kamagata 210 mm


Usuba means "thin blade" and true to this name, usuba are incredibly thin behind the edge.
This is achieved by a very aggressive bevel from roughly half-way up the knife.
These knives, like other single bevel knives, are quite a bit thicker at the spine than their double bevel counterparts however.
This means that these knives excel when performing cuts that utilize the beveled portion of the blade but when the cut transitions beyond the shoulder, significant wedging and steering occurs.
These are the traditional "vegetable knife" in Japanese cuisine and are used for katsuramuki, sengiri, mukimono and other knife cuts.

Much like the White #2 single bevels from Sukenari, the Blue #2 line are remarkable in their consistency.
They sport a rather austere finish, eschewing kasumi finishing in favor of focusing time and effort on delivering well-ground, heat-treated and straight single bevel knives which will be a pleasure both to use and maintain.
Blue #2 is more abrasion resistant than any of the white steels and so will be more difficult to sharpen, but will retain its sharpness for longer.

Sukenari was founded during the Showa period in Toyama Prefecture and since its inception has been driven to produce quality cutlery through hands-on craftsmanship at every step.
Sukenari's philosophy is that any tool should perform as an extension of oneself and this commitment to quality shows in each facet of the knife from rounded, polished choil and edges to impeccable grinds and an incredibly consistent heat treat.

• Brand: Sukenari
• Style: Usuba Kamagata
• Length: 210 mm (8.2")
• Blade Steel Type: Blue #2 Carbon Steel
• Handle material: Magnolia with Buffalo Horn Ferrule
• HRC: 63
• Bevel Angle Ratio: 100/0 Single bevel
• Cover: Not included
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Weight 9.06oz (257g)
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