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Tabletop Konro Grill with Trivet and Fuel Holder


Enhance your presentation with this tabletop grill. Small portions of meat, fish and/or vegetable can be cooked with a sterno placed underneath.

• Material: Aluminum
• Dimensions:
  [Konro] 4.88" (12.4cm) dia. x 3.98" (10.1cm) H
  [Fuel Holder] 1.9" (5.1cm) dia. x 1.1" (2.9cm) H
  [Base] 4.33" (11cm) x 4.33" (11cm) x 0.28" (0.7cm) H
• Comes with a wooden trivet and a fuel holder
Additional information
Weight 0.57lbs (0.26kg)

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