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Takamura HSPS Pro Santoku 165mm


    Santoku in Japanese transliterates as "three virtues" so they are otherwise known as "three purpose" knives. The three purposes which a Santoku is meant to fulfill is cutting meat, vegetables and fish. Its diminutive size and unique shape have made it very popular at home not only in Japan but in the United States as well as more and more home cooks are finding its versatility appealing without committing to a larger or more specialized knife.

    Powdered steel is made by using highly specialized technology to mechanically mix iron and other alloying elements in powder form. Powdered metal technology allows much higher amounts of alloying metals such as vanadium, which is responsible for the superior edge retention. While Takamura knives have a high HRC, they are still easy to sharpen because the HSPS core is sandwiched between soft low carbon stainless steel.
    This knife has a High Speed Powdered Steel (HSPS) core. High speed steel is the same remarkably hard Steel Type used to make drills and power saws that cut through other steel. It is also known as R2, which is a term that was coined by the steel manufacturer while Takamura was testing out different Steel Types. By processing it into powder form, Takamura Cutlery has been able to create a more ductile and flexible product. Takamura knives redefine the meaning of sharpness and offer a taste of what is possible when traditional knife making methods and modern steel making technology are combined harmoniously.
    Echizen hammer forged knives are known to have a thick spine but thin edge, and by recreating this classic silhouette with HSPS, Takamura Cutlery has managed to produce exceptionally steady knives that slice through food effortlessly.
    We have renamed this series as Takamura HSPS Pro to differentiate it from the red handle knives. HSPS Pro has the signature core Steel Type, HSPS, but harder outer steel. The handle is made with a more superior wood that is typically not used for knife handles, and is compressed four times more and has double the layers. Takamura Cutlery created the HSPS Pro series with culinary professionals and serious cooks in mind. HSPS provides remarkable edge retention to minimize the frequency of sharpening.

    Because this knife has a core metal sandwiched between a different Steel Type, changing the bevel angle will alter the structure of the blade and it will lose its sharpness.
    Takamura knives have an unusually sharp edge so if you are not a professional chef or do not have confidence in your knife skills, they may not be suitable for you. Please also keep in mind that this knife is delicate and should not be used for rough tasks.

    Takamura have discontinued the English "Takamura Pro" stamp on the professional line of knives. The stamp now reads "高村作" which reads "Takamura saku": "Work of Takamura". The product has not changed at all other than the stamp. The "Takamura Pro" stamp wore out and Takamura-san decided not to replace it, opting instead to use the same stamp put on their knives in Japan. Please note that the product image for many of our Takamura knives still have the "Pro" logo. We will not accommodate requests to purchase old-stamp Takamura; supply is limited on Takamura regardless of the stamp.

    • Brand: Takamura Cutlery
    • Style: Gyuto
    • Blade Length: 165mm (6.5")
    • Blade Steel Type: R2/SG2 Powdered Steel
    • Handle material: Resin-Treated Compressed Wood
    • HRC: 63-64
    • Bevel Angle Ratio: 50/50
    • Cover: Includes a wooden saya cover

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