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Wafu Gekikara Chili Sauce 2floz (60ml)


  • Contains the famous, spicy chili pepper, habanero. This sauce combines the intense heat of the chili pepper and the umami of “kanzuri” chili paste with its soy sauce base.

    • Manufacturer: Kanzuri Co., Ltd.
    • 2.41floz (71g)
    • Country of Origin: Japan
    • Spiciness:
     Hot: Habanero (SKU: 24442)
     Very Hot: Carolina Reaper (SKU: 23006)
    • Ingredients:
     Hot (SKU: 24442) - Soy Sauce(Soybean, Wheat, Water, Salt), Habanero Pepper, Chilli Pepper, Rice Koji(Molded Rice), Citron, Salt.
     Very Hot (SKU: 23006) - Soy Sauce(Water, Soybean, Wheat, Salt), Carolina Reaper, Chili Pepper, Rice Koji (Molded Rice), Citron, Salt.

    Menu & Applications
    It can be used as a tabletop seasoning in various dishes. Whether its grilled foods, soups or noodles, everything pairs well with these sauces.

    How to cook
    When you want to spice things up, just sprinkle a bit on your chosen dish!

    Background Story
    Hot (SKU: 24442)
    There was not much habanero cultivation in Japan till 2004. Since then, it was cultivated in house by KANZURI Co. Please keep in mind, harvesting requires extreme caution and harvesters must use googles, gloves and masks.

    Very Hot (SKU: 23006)
    The rare, spicy, chili pepper "Carolina Reaper" is cultivated in-house. Goggles, gloves, masks, and extreme caution are used when harvesting or grinding.

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