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Wood Chips for Smoking


Use these blocks when grilling to infuse foods with sublime smoky flavor. The blocks can be used whole or broken into smaller pieces to burn like incense. Made from finely ground wood chips, the blocks burn for about two and a half hours.

• Dimensions: 8.3" (21cm) W x 5.11" (13cm) H x 1.57" (4cm) D
• Flavors:
  Sakura (SKU:95921) - Creates a powerful fragrance for smoking pork and gamey meats such as lamb and mutton.
  Walnut (SKU:95920) - Can be used wide varieries of meats and fishes.
  Apple (SKU:95919) - Produces a subtle aroma for smoking chicken and delicate white-fleshed fish.
  Hickory (SKU:95910) - Adds excellent fragrance to make bacon and ham.
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