Yamajirushi Red Nama Miso Soy Bean Paste 26.5oz (750g)


Red miso gets it deep red coloring and rich umami flavor from longer aging time.
Miso has been used as a flavoring ingredient for over 2,000 years in Asia and is one of the world’s most important soy food.
It is a highly versatile seasoning and is available in a variety of flavors and colors.
Nama or unpasteurized miso means it has not undergone heat treatment during the manufacturing process.
Since pasteurization is designed to kill microbes, nama/unpasteurized miso has the best probiotic activity.

• Manufacturer: Yamajirushi
• Size: 10.4oz (750g)
Filtered Water, Organic Whole Soybeans, Cultured Rice, Sea Salt. (Made with organic ingredients*) *Japanese standard organic.
Milk -
Eggs -
Fish -
Crustacean Shellfish -
Tree Nuts -
Peanuts -
Wheat -
Soybeans YES
Food Allergy Disclaimer
Dietary Needs
Organic -
Gluten Free YES
No MSG added YES
Kosher YES
Sustainably Sourced -
Vegan YES

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