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Yamaki Granulated Dashi 1.41oz (40g)


  • Dashi that comes in different flavors.

    Iriko Anchovy - SKU: 40713
    This dashi consists purely of iriko anchovy from Seto Inland Sea to get the full flavor and umami of anchovy.
    Ago Flying Fish - SKU: 40714
    This Ago dashi is made by charcoal-grilling the flying fish from Nagasaki prefecture to get a unique elegant aroma and umami.

    The dashi also has Konbu (Kelp) flavor for vegan needs.
    Yamaki Konbu Kelp Dashi 1.41oz (40g) - SKU: 40712

    • Manufacturer: Yamaki
    • Ingredients: Please see Additional Information
    • 1.41oz (70g)

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