Yamaga Cast Iron Pot with Spoon


Yamaga pots give a feeling of nostalgia for Japanese people, as these pots were traditionally hung over open fire in an Irori (sunken hearth) and cooking was done in a central location of each home. They can be used for both tabletop cooking and cooking on a stove.

• Before first using our iron pots, it's recommended to stir-fry a small amount of vegetable trim in the pot to begin the seasoning process. If using the pot for simmered meals such as hotpot, it's recommended to boil water in the pot several times to ensure a clean surface without possible remnants from the manufacture of the pot. Before cooking in the pots, use a small amount of oil to prevent sticking.
• For cleaning, try to use as little detergent as possible. A properly seasoned pot should become clean with warm water and mild scrubbing. Mild dish soap is helpful to clean more tough spots. When putting the pot away, coat it in a very light film of oil to prevent oxidation. If storing for a long time, wrap the pot in a hygroscopic paper such as newspaper.

• Material: Cast Iron
• Dimensions:
  Small - SKU: 91316
  7.1" (18cm) dia. x 3.1" (8cm) H.
  Medium - SKU: 91315
  8.3" (21cm) dia. x 3.5" (9cm) H.
• Comes with a lid and spoon
• Hand wash only
Additional information
Weight Small (SKU:91316) - 3.5lbs (1.6kg)
Medium (SKU:91315) - 4.4lbs (2.0kg)
Large (SKU:91314) - 5.7lbs (2.6kg)

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